Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Calculated field date format

According to the regional settings of your system , the format of the date will follow these settings in any list , however if you have a date field in any list and you want to format it you can follow this solution

Problem : Formatting date field in list.

Solution : you can play with that by creating calculated field that contains the following formula
 =TEXT([Date Field Name],"dd mm, yyyy")

But if the date field is optional so the NULL values will return default date value so you need to check if the value is NULL to return nothing , the formula will be
=IF([Date Field Name]=""," ",TEXT([Date Field Name],"dd/mm/yyyy"))

The first part checks if the value is NULL so it returns “ “ however you can add any text in between if you want like “ No date “ , the second part is placing the date text and format it and you can play with the format types.

Calculated field date format
Calculated field date format



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